Dual Degree


Dual Degree Agreements are international cooperation agreements that allow students from USP and foreign institutions to exchange expertise in related areas and obtain certification recognized by both institutions.

All foreign institutions that have recognized expertise in the various areas of knowledge can formalize agreements with USP, as long as they are analyzed and approved by the Commission of Graduate Education, and other competent bodies.  
Requests can be forwarded by the unit through the Agreements Portal, preferably, or through the Mercúrio system (www.sistemas.usp.br).

Below we list some topics that need to be checked before submitting proposals:


  1. Talk to your advisor about the possibility of international cooperation in your work and your interest in obtaining a dual degree; the agreement may cover more than one student in the same process.
  2. The agreement must be accepted by the foreign university; before proceeding, the institution must provide an official document of agreement with the proposed terms.
  3. The PRPG will analyze the documents and the agreement signed by the Dean of USP and forward it to the program to provide the signature of the Dean of the foreign University.


To undertake

  1. Arrange for travel (airfare, insurance, housing, food)
  2. Comply with the approved schedule and work plan at the foreign institution
  3. Return to USP
  4. Defending the thesis
►For cases in which there is interest in carrying out the dual degree agreement, the student must deliver, at the Graduate Education Office (fifteen days before the CPG meeting), the documents listed below:
  1. Document from the foreign Institution with consent in relation to the clauses of the draft of the agreement;
  2. Draft Agreement  (in Portuguese and in a foreign language);
  3. Term of Commitment (in Portuguese and in a foreign language), in the case of a General Agreement;
  4. Work Plan with the description of the activities to be carried out (in Portuguese and in a foreign language);
  5. Activity Execution Schedule (in Portuguese and in a foreign language);
  6. Graduation Certificate of the student with respective registration, in the case of a foreign student. For a USP student, the form is sufficient;
  7. Curriculum of the Foreign Advisor;